You Are What You Play

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This website was created by members of the Fortune group.  We are a group of young people who have moved to the UK as migrants, some from very troubled parts of the world  and we have been looking at games for the last year. We have taught them to each other, played them and realised that these games are a real part of our heritage, they are things that we want to hold on to and maybe teach to our children in the future. They are a fun way of thinking about our cultures and of actively sharing our stories.


This project “You are What You Play” has involved sharing games, performing them to audiences, gathering childhood games from other people, filming them, remembering how we played as children, documenting the games and seeing how games are the same, or different, from different countries and cultures. This is an important part of our individual and collective heritages.


“Sharing a treasured memory is just as important as uncovering a hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold”


This website is for you to browse through and find out how to play the games we discovered. Perhaps you know some of them, perhaps you will learn new ones but we hope it makes you think about your own childhood games and what it was like to play them, wherever that was and whoever you were playing with.


Through the blog link you can tell us about games you remember and the memories they evoke.


Wherever you are from, we know that you must have played games, alone or with friends, in school or at parties and we bet that your games were played in other countries too in some form or another.



This project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and we are very grateful to them for their support.



The people who made You Are What You Play possible are:


Abu, Albert, Amir, Arlind, Aman, Ersaid, Farah, Faris, Fatos, Fatouma

Keni, Javid, Jeton, Johannes, Habiba, Meti, Michael, Iqra, Lubna,

Rosa, Rozina, Sa’ad, Sadam


Working with:


Nazha, Debora, Mel, Eman, Shani-Louise, John , Amrit, Katie, Katie & Kiran, Berni, Joakim, Annabel, Genny


Welcome to “You Are What You Play”

During the project the Fortune group devised a performance to present and share some of the games it had discovered. It was also called “You are What You Play” and took the form of a games show with a compere and games experts who invited the audience to play games with them. It also asked the audience for their memories of games from their childhoods which produced some great and unexpected games and a lot of fun.


These sharings and performances took place at: Rose Bruford College, Good Chance Encampment at the South Bank, The Horniman Museum, The Museum of Childhood.