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Cat & Mouse

Skipping & Running Game

Name of Game:

Cat & Mouse


Skipping and Running

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:

Minimum 11 – more is better



Where is it played?:

Playground, party spaces


2 players are the runners

1 is a cat

1 is a mouse

The cat, of course, has to catch the mouse


the other players stand in straight lines - minimum three lines of three, but it could be 4 lines of 6 or other, - each person about 1.5m from the next.


All the players face the same way and stretch their arms out to the sides, thus forming straight lines, and the space between lines is a “street”.


The cat can chase the mouse up and down the streets but they cannot cross the lines - they must run to the end to get round into the next street.




1 outsider (the referee) can shout “CHANGE” at any moment. When they hear this the “street” players all turn 90 degrees to their right so the axis of the streets change, and the direction of chasing changes.


When the mouse is caught he/she becomes the cat and chooses a mouse.


How to play:

Aim of game:

The cat to catch the mouse

How does it End?:


Variations from other places:

Try it with either the Cat or the Mouse calling “Change”

Average time needed to play:

5-20 minutes

Age Range:

5 years +

An American student at a Games Barter at Rose Bruford College

Who Introduced us to it?: