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Mind & Paper Game

Name of Game:



Mind & Paper

Country of Origin:

Albania, but many other contenders

How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Anywhere- can be in any small space, on a table or the floor


2 players sit opposite each other

They draw the game diagram on a piece of paper

Each player has three counters (e.g. 3 blue for one, 3 red for player two)


Player 1 places the first counter on one of the corners or line intersections


Player 2 places their first counter on another corner or intersection


They alternate, trying to get three in a row, and trying to block the others, until all six are on the lines.


If no one has achieved the line of three (which is probable), they can continue, alternately moving counters to try and make a line of three, while stopping their opponent doing so.


The winner is the first one to make a line of three


N.B. Our Albanian friends tell us this is best played with 9 counters for each player - it is just more complex, and needs even more strategy

How to play:

Paper and counters of two colours or types

Materials Needed:

Aim of game:

To outwit your partner

How does it End?:

A line of three counters of the same kind

Variations from other places:

Similar game in Iran ("played by old men in cafés") called Douze

The Roman Army played an identical game called “Miles”

There is an old English game called “Nine Men’s Morris” played the same

we recently found an African version of the same game


We transferred the game to human scale by making Human Cicmic where 2 Captains move 3 players each around a giant board - great fun

Average time needed to play:

A few minutes, but multiple games can be played

Age Range:

5 years +

Albert & Meti

Who Introduced us to it?: