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Clap Crossed Hands

Singing & Clapping Game

Name of Game:

Clap Crossed Hands


Singing and Clapping

Country of Origin:

UK, Italy

How many players?:

As many as can sit around the table



Where is it played?:

Around a table


Everyone sits around a table


As a warm up they should try to pass a clap around the table, each person slapping the table first with left then with right hand, then the next person takes over and so on.


NOW each person raises their right hand and places it further to the right, over the left hand of their neighbour.


They now try to pass the clap around the circle again, passing from hand to hand in the order which they make on the table.


It is all about coordination and timing




When anyone executes a double clap on the table, the direction of the circle changes!


How to play:

Chairs and a table

Materials Needed:

To establish a regular clapping rhythm around the table

Aim of game:

Average time needed to play:

5 minutes +

Age Range:

Almost any