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Singing & Clapping Game

Name of Game:



Singing and Clapping

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:




Gender Notes:

Mainly girls played this game

Where is it played?:

Anywhere you can sit in a circle


Two hand claps

Two finger clicks…. and repeat


Once the rhythm is established the first player says, in rhythm:




In The Name of

………………” (Here they choose a category e.g. girls’ names, names of cities, railway stations etc.)


And the game continues

With each person saying, out loud, a relevant name on the two finger clicks of the rhythm


The next person follows with another different name from the category also on the finger clicks

And so on...


Until someone falters with a name, repeats a name, can’t think of one or breaks the rhythm.


It can be played as a knock-out, or the game can just restart in an attempt to get the whole group working and thinking together.


How to play:

Aim of game:

To keep going for as long as possible with each subject and develop CONCENTRATION

How does it End?:

When time runs out

Variations from other places:

Almost identical from Peru and Italy (attenzione, concentrazione, ritmo e velocida?) can then be followed passing names ; so on the click click the player says their own name then who they are passing it to and so on …

Average time needed to play:

10minutes +

Age Range:

6 years +


Who Introduced us to it?: