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Hummus - Ful

Choosing Game

Name of Game:

Hummus - Ful

Hummus,  Ful (Ful is an Arab bean stew)

Translation into English:


Choosing Games

Country of Origin:


How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Anywhere, before a game needing a choice


A choice must be made; e.g which team plays first, who chooses a team member first etc.


Representatives of the 2 teams stand facing each other at a distance of a few metres.


1 walks towards the other, putting one foot in front the other, heel touching toe, and says “Hummus”


2 does the same , saying “Ful”


They repeat this until very close. The one who makes the step which puts their foot onto the other’s, has WON and makes whichever choice necessary

How to play:

Aim of game:

For one representative to make the necessary choice

How does it End?:

One foot on top of the opponent’s foot

Variations from other places:

Any words could be used - Cheese, Onion // Elephant, Giraffe etc etc

Average time needed to play:

1 minute max

Age Range:

Almost any


Who Introduced us to it?: