You Are What You Play

Kam Nje Kungullesh

Party Game

Name of Game:

Kam Nje Kungullesh

I have a Pumpkin

(some claim it is “I have a ladybird”)

Translation into English:


Party Game

Country of Origin:

Albania (but similar versions in Iran and others)

Where did you learn it?:

School and Home

How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Parties, playground etc


The players sit in a circle (on the floor or around a table)

They “number off” so each player has a number from 1 upwards.

Player 1 starts saying “I cut my pumpkin into 2 pieces”

Player 2 (because it was 2 pieces) replies “Why 2?”

Player 1 : “Then how many?”

Player 2: “4!”

Player 4: “Why 4?”

Player 2: “Then How many?”

Player 4: “6!”

Player 6: “Why 6?”

Player 4: “Then How many?”

Player 6: “3”

Player 3: “Why 3?”


And so on with increasing speed. When someone makes a mistake they are “out”,their number is no longer in the game, so nobody should give their number as an answer to “Then how many”. If they do they are then also out.


Slowly the number of players reduces….

How to play:

To remember numbers and be able to stay in the rhythm of the of the game, as it speeds up

Aim of game:

How does it End?:

When there is only one person left

Variations from other places:

In Iran the same game is played but starts with “My neighbour’s hen has laid X eggs”

“Why X”

“Then how many”

Average time needed to play:

A few minutes

Age Range:


Albert & the Albanians

Who Introduced us to it?: