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Most Pegs

Party Game

Name of Game:

Most Pegs


Party Games

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:

At a Party!

How many players?:

Any even number from 4 upwards



Where is it played?:


How to play:


Each group has a bag full of clothes pegs


The music will start and while it is playing one of the pair must fix as many clothes pegs as possible onto their partner.


Anything goes, clothes, shoes, hats.

When the music stops the pegs are counted.




i) The totals are kept and added up after a number of rounds




ii) The pair with least pegs drops out at each round until only one is left

Lots of clothes pegs

Materials Needed:

To get pegs onto your partner

Aim of game:

Average time needed to play:

As long as you like

Age Range:

8 years +


Who Introduced us to it?: