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My Mother went to Market...

Mind & Paper Game

Name of Game:

My Mother went to Market...


Mind and Paper

Country of Origin:

UK & Others

Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Indoors, in the car, on a bus/train journey


People sit in a circle. You are going to have to remember things so, depending on the language skills of the group, you may need to define what objects you will remember.


For example, you could just use the names of fruit and vegetables…


The first person says (for example) ‘My Mother went to market and she bought a pumpkin’.


The next person follows immediately and adds an object, e.g. ‘My mother went to market and she bought a pumpkin and a banana’.


The next adds another e.g. ‘My mother went to market and she bought a pumpkin and a banana and some grapes.’


Each person must remember what has been said in the correct order and add one more item. With concentration it can go on a long time.

How to play:

Aim of game:

To test the memory

How does it End?:

In a big group (12+) it can end when you successfully get around the circle without a mistake. Or you can go on until someone makes a mistake then start again and so on...

Variations from other places:

Recently heard of another version which starts “I have in my bag…..” and proceeds the same way

Average time needed to play:

5 minutes upwards

Age Range:



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