You Are What You Play

Noughts & Crosses

Mind & Paper Game

Name of Game:

Noughts & Crosses

Also known as Tic Tac Toe (US)

Translation into English:


Mind and Paper

Country of Origin:

UK, Rome (Terni Lapilli), and everywhere

Where did you learn it?:

School, home....

How many players?:




Where is it played?:



2 players sit with a piece of paper.


they draw the simple grid for the game: 2 parallel lines vertically, intersected by two parallel horizontal lines (see diagram), creating 9 possible areas to put a mark in.


One player can only draw crosses (X) in the spaces, the other can only draw noughts (0)


One player begins and draws a X in one of the nine spaces


Player 2 draws a 0 in another space.


They alternate until one player achieves a line of three 0s or 3 Xs


Each player is trying to achieve their line whilst blocking the other person’s attempts.


Strategy is necessary!


When a game is finished you start another one.


It is simple but compelling


Memory: playing endless games on rainy days when we could not play outside with an older brother who could “strategise” better than me and always won! Frustrating

How to play:

Paper and pencils

Materials Needed:

Aim of game:

Getting a line of three

How does it End?:

With a line of three or you can play "best of" 3/5/7/9 games

Average time needed to play:

From 2 minutes to an hour

Age Range:

5 +