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Pass the Orange

Party Game

Name of Game:

Pass the Orange


Party Games

Country of Origin:


How many players?:

12 +

Where is it played?:



Divide the group into two teams, trying to make it so that the teams are even with the same amount of boys and girls on each team.


Have each team stand in a line arranged boy, girl, boy, girl (as much as is possible).


Give each team an orange which the first player in each team will tuck under their chin, holding it between chin and collar bone.


On the signal, players will begin passing the orange to the player behind them. When the orange gets passed, the person who passed it last has to stand behind the last player in line.


Play will continue until the last player has passed the orange once and then receives it again. The winning team is the first one to complete this task first.


If the orange is dropped, the player who dropped it has to put it under their chin and continue passing.



How to play:

An orange for each team

Materials Needed:

Aim of game:

To be physically coordinated with your partner

How does it End?:

When the orange has passed down the line

Age Range:

6 years +


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