You Are What You Play

Ready Go Ready Yes

Skipping & Running Game

Name of Game:

Ready Go Ready Yes


Skipping and Running

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:

Watching older children in the playground and wanting to play

How many players?:

From 6 upwards - Divided into 2 teams



Where is it played?:

In the playground, in the park, any open space


Two teams are formed and 2 team leaders are chosen.


Team One sits in a straight line with a gap between each person – their captain stands at one end

Team Two stand in the gaps

The Captains shake hands and allow play.


Captain of Team One has to chase and touch one of Team Two.


He/She cannot go through the gaps in the line. Team Two players can cross the gaps.


When the first person is touched they are “out” and must stand at the side.


From now on Captain One can call the name of any of his/her sitting team who take over the chase and he/she goes to sit in their place. This chaser can call a new chaser to replace him/her at any time. By strategically calling on a new chaser from the other end of the line people can be more easily caught. All caught players stand at the side

If the chaser goes through a gap someone from the side can rejoin the game.


This continues until all players in Team Two have been caught.


Then the teams swap over.

How to play:

Fun, speed, quick reactions

To “catch” (touch) as many as possible until the last player is caught

Then teams change over

Aim of game:

How does it End?:

After a few exhausting rounds

Average time needed to play:

10-20 minutes

Age Range:

8 years +

Other information:

We were told how this can be played in vast areas in school grounds in Pakistan, and schools sometimes have teams to play each other.


Who Introduced us to it?: