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Strega Comanda Colore

Party Game

Name of Game:

Strega Comanda Colore

The Witch Ordered the Colour

Translation into English:


Party Game

Country of Origin:

Italy, Albania, Iran

How many players?:




Where is it played?:

In a quite big space - not too neutral as there must be things of many colours


One person is the Witch


Everyone moves around the room and the witch calls out


“STREGA COMANDA COLORE…….” followed by a colour


whereon everyone must run to touch an object of that colour (or that colour on a picture etc) somewhere in  the room


The Witch must chase and tag them before they touch a colour.


Only two people can touch one colour-place.


The witch can make it more difficult by naming more subtle colours (ivory, burgundy etc)


If caught by the witch you become the next witch - of course


How to play:

To be observant and know the colours around you

Aim of game:

How does it End?:

When everyone has been the witch or when you are tired

Average time needed to play:

7/8 minutes +

Age Range:



Who Introduced us to it?: