You Are What You Play

Table Football


Name of Game:

Table Football



Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:

At home and in School

How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Anywhere you can gather around a table


2 or more people stand around a table.


Like two football teams each player has one end to defend, the other at which to score a goal.


Turns are taken


The defending player makes a goal with his/her fingers (see video)


The attacking player has three coins starting from the opposite end.


To progress towards the goal a coin must be flicked (finger-pushed) between two other coins; then one of the other coins can be pushed between the other two to move forward and finally a “shot on goal” can be made through the two other coins.


If at any time a coin does not go through the other two, or goes off the side of the table, or misses a goal, the other player takes over.


Goals are scored and the game can be played to “best of three”, “first to 10” or a similar agreed end


How to play:

Materials Needed:

A table and three coins

Aim of game:

To score most goals

How does it End?:

When one player reaches the agreed number of goals

Average time needed to play:

10 minute +

Age Range:


An audience member in a Games Barter

Who Introduced us to it?: