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Tali Pankna

Singing & Clapping  Game

Name of Game:

Tali Pankna

Throw the Clap

Translation into English:


Singing and Clapping

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:

School playground

How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Anywhere you can form a circle


Everyone stands in a circle.


The idea is for the first player to engage someone’s attention and clap in their direction.


That person, facing them, claps with them,

then turns to face someone else, engage their attention, claps with them etc etc, so that the clap is passing around the circle, as fluidly as possible.


It is possible to pass to the person on either side of you or anywhere across the circle.


Everyone must stay alert as the clap may be coming to them at any moment.

How to play:

To increase concentration and have the clap rhythmically "flying" around the room

Aim of game:

How does it End?:

When the best level for the day has been achieved

Variations from other places:

Sudan - Abu described a version in which player 1 claps directly across the circle. That person (Player 2) claps back to the person on the right of Player 1 who send it to the person on the right of Player 2. In this way the clap is progressing around the circle.

Average time needed to play:

10 minutes

Age Range:



Who Introduced us to it?: