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Topa Dieks (Topa Djegs)

Ball Game

Name of Game:

Topa Dieks (Topa Djegs)

Ball Out, also known in English as Dodge Ball

Translation into English:


Ball Games

Country of Origin:

Albania, Peru, Iran

Where did you learn it?:

In the street. ‘I saw the game being played when I was 8 years old.’

How many players?:

10 people upwards



Where is it played?:

Inside and outside, school yard, fields, streets


Two teams are chosen.


The game is played in a roughly rectangular space. 2 lines are drawn (chalk or tape), each about 1 metre from both ends of the room.


Team 1 stands in the space between the two lines.


Team 2 throws the ball from behind the lines at each end of the space.


There is a ball.


Team 2 throws the ball from behind the lines to try and hit a member of team 1.


Team 1 members try to avoid being hit.


IF a Team 1 member is hit they are out and retire to the sides (NB the ball must not hit the ground before touching them).


IF a Team 1 members manages to catch the ball they gain a point, or they can bring a team mate back into the game.


The ball is thrown from alternate ends of the room.

If Team 1 manage to catch the ball 4 times, and have not used the catches to bring members back in, they have WON.


If only 1 member of Team 1 remains, with no points to bring a member back, he must survive 10 throws, during which time he can catch the ball and bring others back in.

When all members are OUT, Team 2 has WON.


The teams change around.

How to play:

Materials Needed:

Ball, chalk or tape

Aim of game:

To ‘eliminate’ all the other team’s members from the pitch.

How does it End?:

When teams have had equal numbers of rounds.

Variations from other places:

Slight differences in the ‘scoring’ system. In the Iran version, Team 1 can only win if all members are in the field AND they score 4 ‘catch’ points.


Similar to “Dodgeball”

Average time needed to play:

5 minutes to an hour

Age Range:

Almost any

Albert and Meti

Who Introduced us to it?: