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Twenty One

Singing & Clapping Game

Name of Game:

Twenty One


Singing and Clapping

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:

5+ … more players are better



Where is it played?:



Players stand in a circle


Their hands are extended to the sides


The right hand is on top of your neighbour’s left hand


All hands are facing up

All left hands are under partners’ right hands


First player takes right hand to partner’s left hand to clap and says ‘1’.

Second player passes the clap and says ‘2’ and so on

Until you get to ‘20’


On clap 21 the player to the right must clap the left partner’s hand, while the left partner tries to avoid being clapped by pulling his hand away when he senses the clap coming


If the right player doesn’t contact he/she is OUT

If the right player does make contact the left player is OUT


The reduced circle re-forms and starts again


It slowly reduces to just two players

And they play the final round


How to play:

To be the last one in the circle

Aim of game:

How does it End?:

When one person is left

Variations from other places:

Italy, Lebanon

An almost identical game can be played going up to 7, saying the days of the week instead of numbers, so the crucial clap/evasion is on “Sunday”

Average time needed to play:

5 minutes +

Age Range:

5 years +


Who Introduced us to it?: