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Waqa’at al Harb fi...

Skipping & Running Game

Name of Game:

Waqa’at al Harb fi...

The war started in…

Translation into English:


Skipping and Running

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:




Where is it played?:

Any large empty space preferably outside


On the ground, the players draw with chalk a small circle and write in it the letter ‘S’ for stop. And then they draw a larger circle surrounding it.


The players each choose any country they want and from the small circle lines are drawn to the outer circle lines (like pizza slices) and the countries chose are written on each slice. The players stand on the country they have chosen.


The player chosen to start says ‘the war started in…’ and chooses any country from the ones written on the ground.


For example: ‘The war happened in Lebanon.’


Then all the players need to run away except the player who is standing on Lebanon.


This player (Lebanon) runs as fast as possible to the centre and shouts STOP. Everyone freezes.


Now the player in the centre must choose one of the frozen players and calculate how many steps it will take to reach them. He/she calls out (for example) Nigeria 12, and then tries to get to that person in 12 steps (NB we insist all steps are short, heel touching toe steps).


If he/she gets it right he/she has won and the other (here Nigeria) becomes the caller.


If it not done in that number of steps then the 1st player (here Lebanon) loses and goes back to the centre to call the next game.


ALSO each loser has a mark against their name on a scorecard -this is normally a big board. The mark is one of the letters of the word for DONKEY in Arabic


As the game progresses each name gets more letters. The first to get all the letters IS A DONKEY and loses.


How to play:

Aim of game:

To run, to calculate distances, to spell “donkey” in Arabic!

How does it End?:

Till there is only one player left

Average time needed to play:

Half an hour +

Age Range:

Young people


Who Introduced us to it?: