You Are What You Play

Who am I?

Mind & Paper Game

Name of Game:

Who am I?


Mind and Paper

Country of Origin:

UK & Others

Where did you learn it?:


How many players?:

5 +



Where is it played?:

In a space where you the group can walk around freely and talk


Everyone has a small piece of paper (post it notes are excellent, or other adhesive paper). On the paper they write the name of an animal (if playing animals), or it could be a profession, a film star- whatever you have decided as a category.


Everyone then sticks their paper on someone else's’ forehead, making sure they cannot see what is written there.


Everyone has an unknown word on their forehead which others can see but they cannot.


Now everyone walks around the room. They can stop and ask any question of another player, but only a question which can be answered “yes” or “no” - for example “ Am I an animal?”  “Do I live in Antarctica?” etc


They continue walking and asking until they can guess their identity. They shout it out. If they are right they win, if not they re-enter the game.


Continue until everyone has discovered their identities


How to play:

Paper to stick to foreheads and a pencil

Materials Needed:

Aim of game:

To find out your secret identity

How does it End?:

When everyone has guessed correctly

Average time needed to play:

10-15 minutes

Age Range: