You Are What You Play


Skipping & Running Game

Name of Game:


No translation. ‘zoo’ is the the sound all players must keep voicing as they play.

Translation into English:


Skipping and Running

Country of Origin:


Where did you learn it?:

‘Outside my grandmother’s house where boys and girls were playing it’

How many players?:

From 6 - 26 - divided into 2 teams



Gender Notes:

Mostly boys in Iran but the ‘rebels’ played mixed gender versions.

Where is it played?:

In the street, in the park, any open space


Two teams are formed. The playing area is divided by a clear and visible line, which separates the teams. Everyone must hop on one leg, holding the other foot with one hand, everyone must be constantly saying ‘zoooooooo’.


Players approach the line and try to pull/unbalance those on the other side into their own side. Even a toe crossing the line counts as a crossing. When pulled over the player joins that team.


Pulling/catching is not allowed if the player is not saying ‘zoo’


Players are allowed a short rest to take breath, rest their foot,  but then they cannot pull or be pulled.

How to play:

To get all players on one side!!!!

Aim of game:

Materials Needed:

A piece of chalk to draw the line

How does it End?:

When the final player is pulled over to the majority side or when everyone is exhausted.

Average time needed to play:

Depends on speed and energy. Max= 2 hours

Variations from other places:

Similar to British Bulldog and Please Mr Crocodile

Age Range:

Not suitable for under 5s


Who Introduced us to it?: